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JCTA Meeting Minutes September 2009

Meeting of 9/14/09 – MINUTES ATTENDEES: Pat Moran North Beach Taxpayers Assoc. Bill Kunz Brant Beach Bill Knaare Brant Beach Ken Martell Seaview Beach Lena Nerri Harvey Cedars Charlie Gaver Harvey Cedars Bob Monaco Loveladies Property Owners Trish Monaco Loveladies Harbor Peter Trainor LBT 10

Meeting was called to order at 7:04 PM by President Pat Moran.

Pledge of Allegiance. Treasurer’s Report – Bob Monaco – Balance on Hand $4049.46. Old Business:

Schools Southern Regional: Initial response from SRHS of ~ 500 pages was not necessarily what was requested. A request for additional documents/information was requested. Response was less than helpful – apparently Mr. Henry is not disposed to answeer “why and what questions”. Document requests have to specifically identify the document; “what and why” as well as who, when, where and how questions can only apparently be answered by the Board of Education not in writing by Mr. Henry.

A discussion followed as to possible courses of action – going to the press, filing an ethics complaint (where applicable) or other courses. While there was no consensus reached, it was agreed that educating and motivating the Island voters is imperative.

SRHS Education Committee is preparing an interim report to the Island Mayors summarizing the response – or lack thereof from SRHS/Dr. Henry.

Ken Martell presented a summary listing members of the three (SRHS, LBI Consol & Beach Haven) Boards of Education, together with term expirations and meeting schedules. In addition to the issues at SRHS, it appears that we should promote attendance of voters to the LBI Consolidated Board Meetings. Recently, LBI Consolidated lost its Business Administrator due apparently to indifference on the Boards part. Since he was filling two or three positions, there will be a cost increase that could and should have been avoided. Finally, we need to find qualified people to run for the LBI Consolidated Board as current terms expire.

New Business: The rescheduled bridge repair is to start later this week. Bill Knaare attended the information meeting which was essentially just a handout repeating the newspaper article. Project will be in the fall, and resume in the spring. Looking for volunteers for the LBI Consol. Education Committee (Lena Nerrie volunteered).

Peter Trainor presented his concerns about unsafe boating practices/boaters he has observed primarily in the Bay, and concern for the lack of enforcement. He presented a proposal to create a “Citizen’s Advisory Committee” to address this in Long Beach Township for membership review.

There was also a brief discussion regarding the “Medical Waste” finds this summer. These appeared to be isolated situations, involving personal syringes.

Towns: Harvey Cedars – Beach replenishment appears to be a go – starting in Oct or Nov. LBI Blvd Lane Changes – appears that the county recommendations may be accepted, but there is a l long way to go. Fairly significant opposition from towns/areas to the north. Long Beach Township – Beach easement signing program kind of at a standstill. Hoping funds can be found in the new budget to begin in 2010.

Meeting adjourned at 8:25 PM. Next Meeting October 5th

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