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May JCTA Meeting Minutes

JCTA of LBI Meeting of 5/2/11


Steve Rabbitt Barnegat Light Charlie Gaver Harvey Cedars

Pat Moran North Beach Richard Jeffries Surf City

Barbara Lehman Harvey Cedars

Meeting was called to order by President Pat Moran at 7:08 PM.

Since there was not a quorum present, no official business could be conducted.

Some general discussions ensued relative to the success of various school budgets, the removal of the Stafford mayor and Mayor Connors opposition to the announced sc hool reorganization plan.

It was also suggested that the JCTA might consider taking a position, in light of the apparent conflict that may be developing over this issue.

The meeting adjourned at 7:38 PM.

Charlie Gaver

Next Meeting : June 6, 2011 at 7PM

Meeting dates Balance of the year:

7/11/11 8/1/11 9/12/11 10/3/11 11/7/11 12/5/11

It is suggested that each member organization consider appointing two representatives to the JCTA; so as ease the attendance situation, but to more readily assure a quorum. Each organization would still only have one vote, but both appointees could participate in discussions, etc.

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