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JCTA Meeting Minutes February 2010

February 1, 2010 Attendees: Charlie Gaver Harvey Cedars TA Pat Moran North Beach TA Lena Nerrie Harvey Cedars TA Bill Kunz Brant Beach H O Peter Trainor LBT 10 Steve Rabbitt Barnegat Light TA Bob Monaco Loveladies POA Trish Monaco Loveladies HOA Bob Irvine LBT 10 Rick Jones LBT 10 Ginny Scarlatelli Loveladies POA Dick Jeffries Surf City Barbara Lehman Harvey Cedars TA

Meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM; President Pat Moran presiding.

Pledge of Allegiance.

Minutes of the last meeting were approved as submitted.

Treasurer’s report by Bob Monaco – current balance $3875.32 – accepted as presented.


Southern Regional: Peter Trainor submitted the Letter to the Editor to the “Sandpaper” as agreed. There was no “official” response from either the Board of Education or Supt Craig Henry. However, Peter did receive a “disturbing” call from Board Member Kevin Lyons challenging the content of the letter in a somewhat aggressive tone. However, a promised call-back from Mr. Lyons did not occur. It is rather puzzling that Supt. Henry did not respond or otherwise react.

After significant discussion, it was decided that Supt. Henry should be made aware of Mr. Lyons’ call; giving him an opportunity to perhaps comment on it, and whether it was done as a Board action.

Pres. Pat Moran to compose and send said letter to Mr. Henry.

While the JCTA cannot endorse nor actively support school board or other candidates, we certainly can assist in identifying and encouraging alternative candidates; and we are certainly free to question actions (or lack there of) of the current Board. We do expect to continue the “Letters to the Editor” campaign.

LBI Consolidated: With a “doubled-up” meeting schedule, it is difficult to have observers at each meeting. Trish and Bob Monaco attended the late January meeting. They reported the board passed a number of items, including:

Approved the hiring of three new special ed teachers, two full time, one part time.

Changed the “New teacher mentoring fee” of $550.00 which typically was paid by new teachers to their “mentors” to the fee being paid by the district to the mentors. Why is there a “fee”?

Approved a new contract with the teachers; retroactive to July 1, 2009 giving the teachers of LBI Consolidated a 4% per year increase. This contract is for three years – pretty nice raise in this economic environment.

Some general discussion followed. Bill Kunz again pointed to the ‘CHOICE” program as being possibly a big plus for LBI Consolidated, particularly as a cost offsetter as well as improving the educational experience. Initial decision on CHOICE should come as early as March 2010.

Beach Replenishment: Nothing really new. Long Beach Township still attempting to get easements signed – with a number of holdouts.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:20 PM.

Charles Gaver

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