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JCTA Meeting Minutes August 2009

Meeting of 8/3/09 – MINUTES

Attendees: Bill Knarre Brant Beach Bill Kunz Brant Beach Ken Martell Seaview Beach Rick Jones LBT 10 Lena Nerrie Harvey Cedars Charlie Gaver Harvey Cedars Trish Monaco LHO Peter Trainor LBT 10 Pat Moran North Beach Taxpayers Assoc. Bob Irvine LBT 10

Meeting called to order by Bill Knarre at 7:07 PM.

Pledge of Allegiance

Treasurer’s report Current Balance $4099.21 (same as previous).

School Committee Report: Requested additional budget fiscal information has not been received as yet. There may be issues with open ended, non-price defined contracts, among other issues. Discussion ensued as to possible approaches the JCTA should consider regarding the possible school consolidation (with Stafford elementaries). Suggestions made that the JCTA adopt a “proactive” approach involving as many of the affected groups as possible – and in this way to perhaps craft a less onerous solution than otherwise. Funding for consolidation studies may be a problem, as well as who is to conduct the studies. Beyond that there is the possibility of changes in Trenton – which could cause all of this to go away or at least change it.

Bill Kunz reported that the efforts to consolidate Beach Haven Elementary (approx 50 total students) with Long Beach Island is still ongoing; although based n some of the recent findings at LBI Board of Ed,there may be reason to back off a bit.

TOWN REPORTS Beach Replenishment:

Harvey Cedars has essentially all the easements in place, although there may be some valuation adjustments yet to be made. Long Beach Township has a 5000 foot contiguous strip of essentially town-owned beach. The efforts beyond this are running into the same problems of some non-cooperating owners.

Pat Moran has agreed to accept the Presidency of the JCTA; effective with the September meeting. Congratulations to Pat.

Bill Kunz summarized his recent visit to a Long Beach Township Board of Education Meeting. Based on his descriptions, and the materials he provided, this appears to be a Board that needs some attention.One of the Board members is herself suing the Board on behalf of her son – conflict of interest? Possibly.

Ken Martell followed up and contacted the Ocean County Board of Elections to obtain the voter registration lists for the Island (some 7000 persons). Ken reported that the County was very helpful and cooperative, and forwarded the requested info which he has offered to the individual taxpayers’ associations (

Meeting adjourned at 8:25PM.


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