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Update, Thanks & Keep Those Letters Coming!

Dear HCTA Members- I can’t thank you enough for the fine letters that are being sent in support of a safer BLVD. Please, keep them coming! We all need to pitch in. If this change to make our town safer is to happen we need everyone to help. Again, we need you to write, write, write and send your email/letter to everyone on the attached list. One of our members sent me corrected emails and the list has been updated to reflect those corrections.

Again, the pertinent facts are: Less than 30 seconds increase in transit time through town It is stated in the report that it increases safety for walkers and bikers AND turning cars Police professionals disagree with the “emergency response can’t get through” argument Evacuation is a red herring – the road is just as wide. The bridge is and always will be the issue The vast majority of those against – including Freeholder Gerry Little – never saw the computer simulation Next week, please spare a few minutes and write another letter. Now is the time to make our voices heard and support our Commissioners and our town.

My sincere thanks,

Bryan Lewis, President HCTA

Township of Long BeachMayorJoseph Mancinitsgro@longbeachtownship.comBarnegat LightMayorKirk LarsonNancy.Manookian@barnegatlight.orgHarvey CedarsMayorJon Oldhamclerk@harveycedars.orgOcean CountyFreeholderJack Kellydconnors@co.ocean.nj.usOcean CountyFreeholder DirectorJoseph Vicaricbove@co.ocean.nj.usOcean CountyFreeholderJohn Bartlettjbartlett@co.ocean.nj.usOcean CountyFreeholderJames Laceysbruno@co.ocean.nj.usOcean CountyFreeholderGerry Littlecjinotti@co.ocean.nj.usNJState SenatorChris ConnorsSenConnors@njleg.orgNJAssemblymanBrian RumpfAsmRumpf@njleg.orgNJAssemblywomanDiane GoveAswGove@njleg.orgNewspapersThe SandPaperGail Traversletters@thesandpaper.netNewspapersPress Of Atlantic Cityletters@pressofac.comNewspapersAsbury Park PressLinda Reddingtonyourviews@app.comNewspapersBeach Haven TimesLinda Reddingtonyourviews@app.comHCTAPresidentBryan

Newsletter sent by HCTA

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