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Harvey Cedars Needs You NOW

HCTA member:

Harvey Cedars needs you. At every HCTA Annual Meeting I have been a board member of (and that is every one since the re-formation of the Association) Boulevard safety was the number one issue brought up from the floor. Almost 74 % of the residents responding to the survey wanted a change to the Boulevard. Clearly we all know it is a safety issue.

I am going to be blunt. We need you to step up. Complaining at the Annual Meeting won’t help. Politics are in play and we are being out-played.

Our Commissioners have written a letter to the editor of the SandPaper, which is attached. Please read it. They eloquently state the reasons for the change. They have also sent a resolution to the Ocean County Freeholders stating their displeasure with the refusal to make the change – a change endorsed by the Freeholders own engineers and hired consultants. Why the refusal? Because Mayors Mancini and Larson don’t want it.

If this change to make our town safer is to happen, we need your help. We need you to write, write, write – and send it to everyone on the attached list. This is a political old-boy network making decisions that will get someone in Harvey Cedars seriously hurt. Every professional, whether it is the police or engineers, has said the road diet – that Mayor Mancini put into his own town – makes absolute sense for ours. Why should Freeholder Kelly allow Mancini and Larson to allow our town to remain unsafe?

So please write. Pertinent facts are:

  • Less than 30 seconds increase in transit time through town

  • It is stated in the report that it increases safety for walkers and bikers AND turning cars

  • Police professionals disagree with the “emergency response can’t get through” argument

  • Evacuation is a red herring – the road is just as wide. The bridge is and always will be the issue

  • The vast majority of those against – including Freeholder Gerry Little – never saw the computer simulation

To get in this week’s SandPaper we need you to email a letter tomorrow (4/11 by 4pm). Sorry for the late notice, but even if it is a short letter in support, we will take it. I also ask that you send it to each of the people/newspapers in the attached list. Even if you can’t make tomorrow, still do it. This is not going to happen without YOU.

Thanks for your support – Bryan Lewis, President, HCTA

Township of Long Beach Mayor Joseph Mancini 609-361-6689

Barnegat Light Mayor Kirk Larson 609-494-9196

Harvey Cedars Mayor Jon Oldham

Ocean County Freeholder Jack Kelly 732-929-2003

Ocean County Freeholder Director Joseph Vicari 732-929-2002

Ocean County Freeholder John Bartlett 732-929-2116Ocean

County Freeholder James Lacey 732-929-2004

Ocean County Freeholder Gerry Little 732-929-2001

NJ State Senator Chris Connors 609-693-6700

NJ Assemblyman BrianRumpf

NJ Assemblywoman Diane Gove

Newspapers The SandPaper Gail Travers Newspapers Press Of Atlantic City

Newspapers Asbury Park Press Linda Reddington

Newspapers Beach Haven Times Linda Reddington

HCTA President Bryan Lewis,

Newsletter sent by HCTA

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