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Fall Trustee Meeting Minutes

HCTA Board Meeting – October 14, 2011

Home of Barbara Lehman

Present: Jim Loudon, Phil Kunz, Barbara Lehman, Kathleen Ries, Susan Lewis, Saul Ellman

Absent: Bryan Lewis, John Imperiale, John Cadmus, Michael Pasnick

Treasurer’s Report:

Balance January 1, 2011 $10,342.89


Dues $7,422.94

Yard Sale $225.00

Merchandise $25.18



Website $125.00

Filing Fees $180.00

JCTA Dues $100.00

Annual Meeting $443.32

Postage $6.83

Yard Sale $179.64

Membership $709.74

P.O. Box Rental $76.00

Project Funding $1,718.29

Supplies $2.97

Misc.$0.003 in HC $1,226.50


Balance September 30, 2011 $13247.72

Discussion on HCTA tax exempt status possibilities going forward, potential closing of the HC Post Office,

JCTA Report (Barbara)

Oct 3rd_ Big topic of focus is lowering our taxes & possibly hiring an atty (Gagliardi) to fight the school tax issue. It was decided that HCTA will support obtaining an atty toassit lowering our school taxes.

Next JCTA mtg Nov 7th includes election of officers.

Saul discussed perhaps getting together w/ other TA’s to share joint goals/troubles. Phil supports the idea of quietly lobbying other taxpayer board members. Will contact Jon O. to see if he’s got any inside scoop on the island wide school tax issue.

LBI Consolidated Schools: The school board has hired a new superintendent, Karen McKeon, and a temporary business administrator. They have also hired an architectural firm, Dicara Rubino of Wayne, NJ, for the design and expansion of the EJ School. In addition, all the “choice slots” (slots available for tuition-paying students who choose to attend the LBI district) were filled for the 2011-2012 school year. (Some slots were taken by Beach Haven Residents). The school district also authorized the sale of the Long Beach Island Grade School property in Ship Bottom.

Southern Regional Schools: There is still an on-going discussion about having Attorney Vito Gagliardi come and speak to the group regarding the feasibility of a lawsuit which would change the LBI school tax burden at SR.

The Beach Replenishment Project will begin this winter in Long Beach Township. Great Lakes Dredging Company received the contract. The project is scheduled to be completed by June 15, 2012.

Since the JCT would like more involvement and participation from the community taxpayer organizations, elections will be held on November 7, 2011 at 7:00 PM in the library. Please send a representative from your association to the next meeting as community involvement is necessary to make the JCT a success!

Membership Report (Saul):

This weekend Andrew S. will email a letter from Saul to all non-members a solicitation for Membership. Paper mailing proposed to non-member residents, approved. All agreed to review copy quickly & respond w/ any edits.

Website (Susan):

Susan has cleaned up the site. We need content & timely photos to add to the site. All agreed that regular newsletters should contain summary & follow up items from our Member comments, our Annual Mtg comments and JCTA topics.


High-ranking topics for website & newsletter include:

School Taxes

Dogs on Beach: Agreed to send a “zoomerang” survey to Members re: dogs on the beach, will provide results to Mayor & Commissioners. Certain items may be outside our scope and HCTA may only be able to deliver materials & responses to the Mayor & Commissioners.


Beach badge checker walkie-talkies: Suggested by member at Annual meeting-the Beach Patrol Captain turned this down. Currently checkers are to use cell phones. HCBP Captain Randy Townsend feels radios are too expensive to maintain.

HC does need ‘have a heart’ animal traps. HCTA agreed to contribute traps & produce an informational one-sheet for HCPD to provide to residents. Provide requirements of this donation:

  • Print materials must be provided to residents who use traps

  • Enforce the No Cat Feeding ordinance,

  • Make accommodations for animals captured on weekends to save the Boro money (pickup $250 weekends vs. $100 weekdays)


Enforcing walking / bike direction on shoulders

Telephone Pole Banners idea was discussed favorably as a replacement for decorative plants idea. (Followup-Boro turned this down at this time)

Board Members voted NO to the question of the adjusting center of BLVD based on new pole locations.

HCTA will ask for the repeal of the HC support of BL’s effort to control the lighthouse.


Agreed to rotation of Board meeting recording responsibilities.

Phil has contacted or identified a number of Board candidates.

Next meeting scheduled for 1/20/12

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