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July 2012 Trustee Meeting Minutes

Meeting held at Kunz residence July, 13, 2012.

Present: J Loudon, S Ellman, S Lewis, P Kunz, B Lehman

Absent: J Imperiale, K Ries, B Lewis, J Cadmus.

Phil updated us on BLVD Saftey. He has had many conversations with Mayor Oldham, at this point we are in a stalemate with no movement from the Ocean County Freeholders. We have been in touch with the Safe Roads group-more to come.

Jim updated us on our funds. The group present voted to donate $1000.00 to the HC Activities Committee. Presently, they are looking for support for the Labor Day fire works and do not have the funds in place at this time to support their effort. In the interest of community spirit and goodwill, the HCTA wants to support the work of this group. In addition, those present also voted again to be a sponsor of the Annual Dog Day Race.

It was agreed that Saul will put together the annual membership letter and have it sent out within the next month.

We discussed our efforts to contribute to the beautification of Harvey Cedars and the road blocks that have been thrown up. We have proposed sponsoring seasonal banners on the utility poles, purchasing and maintaining large pots of flowers at a few key intersections in the central business part of town, purchasing an information/upcoming events sign at the town entrance, etc. There has not seemed to be much interest in our efforts to contribute on the part of the Mayor/commissioners.

We will discuss logistics of the annual meeting at our next Trustees meeting. New Trustee candidates will be invited to that meeting. Susan Lewis submitted her resignation to President Phil Kunz effective in August.

Submitted by S Lewis

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