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August 2014 – Trustee Meeting Minutes

HCTA Trustee Meeting Minutes-Saturday, August 16, 2014

Present: P. Kunz, R. Danna, G. Gutchigian, B. Lehman, J. Loudon, K. Ries, M. Songer

Absent: D. Ragone


Treasurer’s Report:

We have a balance of $20,372.29 in our Treasury.


Mike reported that he attended the Freeholder’s Meeting and spoke during the public portion of the meeting. Freeholder Kelly strongly stated that there is “no initiative” to change to three lanes and the County has made the final decision for Long Beach Boulevard, through HC, to remain four lanes. He repeated that the solution for increased pedestrian/bike lane width lies with Harvey Cedars to take property from Boulevard property owners through eminent domain. He repeated that first responders were against the three lane configuration but agreed with Mike that he had no evidence to back up his claim. Mike reported that the current county engineer is leaving his position and he has met his replacement. The resurfacing of Long Beach Boulevard is not scheduled yet and will not occur until 2015 or 2016.

School Taxes:

Bob presented a table with statistics showing enrollment, valuations and taxes for each town in the Regional District. A copy is attached.


New HC proposed Fence Ordinance:

None of Trustees objected to the Ordinance.

Preparing for the Annual Meeting:

1. We need all hands at the Fire House at 8:00AM to set-up for the 10:00AM Annual Meeting. Everyone should remain after the meeting to break down the chairs and tables.

2. Since we are extending the current memberships through December 2015 we only need one table to collect dues from new members, Barbara and Bob will man that table.

3. MaryLu Danna has volunteered to man a table to give out and collect surveys. Greg will assist her and help at the new member table if necessary.

4. Phil, Mike and Jim will greet attendees and direct new members to the sign-up table and paid members to the seating area.

5. Bob and Kathy will prepare membership lists and property owner lists for the greeters.

6. Jim will bring signs, cash box, clip boards and small bills for making change. Others volunteered pens for the membership and survey tables.

7. Mike will prepare the agenda for the Annual Meeting.

Officers for 2014/2015 (vote was unanimous):

President: Mike Songer

Vice President: Kathy Ries

Treasurer: Jim Loudon

Membership Committee: Bob Danna & Greg Gutchigian

It was decided that the host for each Trustee Meeting will prepare and issue an agenda prior to the meeting, preside over the meeting and prepare minutes of the meeting. Refreshments and snacks, if any, will be served after the meeting if time allows.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jim Loudon

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