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Email sent 8/19/2009

It’s a busy week with TWO important meetings!

1. County BLVD Safety Meeting: Thursday, August 27 at 6-8pm at the firehouse. The Boro is sponsoring an ‘Informational Forum’ for all Harvey Cedars property owners. At this meeting, the County engineer will demonstrate the computerized traffic simulation of the current lane configuration as well as the proposed configuration of a 10 foot wide bike/pedestrian lane on each side, 1 traffic lane in each direction and a dedicated center turn lane: both based upon the actual number of cars counted on each of 2 weekends in July. The new configuration results in a demonstrably safer Boulevard for vehicles, bikes and pedestrians with only a 30 second increase in transit time for the entire length of town. Please attend and let your voice be heard.

2. The HCTA Annual Meeting: Saturday, August 29 at 10:00 (doors open at 9:30) at the firehouse. We will discuss our progress over the past year with updates on taxation, the Boulevard, beach replenishment, etc. as well as the challenges that lie ahead for Harvey Cedars. In addition, there will be a Q & A session attended by the Mayor at the end of the business meeting. We hope to see you and please encourage your friends to join.


Bryan Lewis President- HCTA

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