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Email sent 7/19/2009

Good afternoon –

This Tuesday, July 21st at 4:30 in Borough hall, our Borough Commissioners will a second reading of an ordinance regarding the new billing for water/sewer usage. If this is done, the new billing system will become ‘law’. At this point, the HCTA Trustees believe there are too many unanswered questions regarding the accounting and implementation of this new billing system. Some of our members have seen their bill increase dramatically. While we are aware the the Borough has operated the water/sewer billing at a deficit for the past three years, we would like this issue tabled until a more through explanation can be put forth. If you are in town, PLEASE attend this meeting- a large show of heads will help make the point that this issue should be put on hold until the many unanswered questions can be thoroughly answered.

We hope to see you Tuesday afternoon at 4:30,

The HCTA Trustees

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