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Email sent 10/5/2009


Now that the cooler weather of fall is upon us and the kids are back in school, we turn our attention to updating our records, the upcoming beach replenishment and the Boulevard Safety Survey.

Thank you to everyone who continues to support our efforts. We appreciate your prompt payment of our $25.00 annual dues and your important feed back. We try to tailor our efforts based on your responses at our annual meeting and on our website. Please continue to let us know how we are doing and what issues concern you. Additionally, we sincerely appreciate your continued financial support.

It is important to pay your dues, as this is a membership organization. I want to stress how vital membership and support is to our taxpayer group. The more members we have, the more influence we have with the town’s administration. We only keep current paid members on our roster and mailing list. If you have not paid your 2009-2010 membership dues, please do so immediately. Your check can be mailed to: HCTA, PO Box 3065, Harvey Cedars, NY 08008. If you have decided to not renew your membership, please send me an email -I would be happy to hear why, and what we can do to improve the organization. We will be removing unpaid names from our roster on November 15th.

The beach replenishment is on schedule. The Army Corps are awaiting certain approvals – dredge inspection, survey verifications and the installation of the ‘work line’ on the dunes. Once this is in place- look for the sand! The replenishment is expected to be completed by a March – April 2010 time frame. You should be seeing a survey regarding Boulevard safety and the proposed traffic pattern the County has introduced as a much safer alternative, in your mailbox within the month. To make sure it encompasses the opinions of all, it will be sent to all taxpayers, HCTA members or not. Please take the time to answer the survey and show your support for a safer Boulevard for all – cars, bikers, joggers and walkers. If you would like further information on the proposal, please see the HCTA position paper on our website.

On behalf of the HCTA Trustees, I wish you a happy fall. Enjoy the football games, changing leaves, time with loved ones, and hopefully some weekends in Harvey Cedars.


Bryan Lewis President- HCTA

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