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Board Meeting Minutes January 2010

Notes for HCTA Minutes- Jan 8, 2010

Ries Residence

Present: KR, SE, JL, CG, SL, BL. Absent: TC, JC, KP, MP, BF, PK, LN.

BLVD/Safety: Boro has yet to send out the Survey that the HCTA compiled and submitted. Bryan will speak to Mayor Oldham and ask him to send it out. This way the Boro can gauge the feelings of the community. If the Mayor refuses, then the HCTA will do it. It was agreed that the HCTA will send out an explanation of the BLVD issue and the results of the Simulation model/study in addition to the survey. Our letter will also update information on the purely political vs. safety issues. The survey will be coded to allow for one response per computer ip address. The HCTA wants this survey to be true and accurate and not allow the results to be skewed one way or the other. Jobs associated with this: Bryan: Speak to the Mayor, get info from Zoomerang, sign HCTA up for a years subscription. (Completed this week.) Saul: Will request all taxpayers addresses on labels. Saul will forward the bill to Barbara for payment. Saul will get a couple of estimates on the cost associated with printing, putting together and enveloping the surveys. Our plan is to have these out by mid February.

Beach- we discussed the private lane and beach assess signs. No resolution or conclusion reached.

Flaumenbaum award- This case is in the courts being appealed by the Boro. The HCTA will submit a ‘Friend of the Court’ Letter on the Boro’s behalf and we would like Michael to write it.

Membership- Saul and Jim submitted a sample letter to be sent to taxpayers soliciting membership. Those present liked it. They are looking to do a mass mailing in March. Saul and Jim will report back to us at our next meeting. They would also like to create a ‘Welcome Wagon’ type packet to be delivered/mailed to new Harvey Cedars homeowners. Saul will look into coupons from local and national businesses for these packets. (Ex: Avalon flooring, Home Depot or Lowes, etc.) In addition, they would like to staff a membership/information table at various HC events- such as the Art Show, etc.

We discussed what to do with the funds that we have raised-especially if we are able to add to our membership and grow our bank account. Bryan suggested we ask to be a sponsor of the Dog Day Race and get our name on the T-shirt. Susan will look into this. We tossed around various ideas to contribute to the community and also get our name out there. A few ideas were to sponsor/purchase a handicapped wheel chair for the Boro, assist the LIT program with funding, co-sponsor with a local landscaping company planters on the Blvd., etc.

Community Wide Yard Sale- This year’s event will again be the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. (May 29th) The committee will present our completed plans at our next meeting. Our flag inventory: Long bamboo sticks- 22, Pink Flags-40. Kathy will update our information sent out to members last year. She presented a good idea- Members will pay $5 to register/participate in the sale. Non-members will pay $30. Included in the fee will be membership to the HCTA good thru August of 2011. Susan will get us on the HC Activities mailer and present the price of a large, re-useable 4’ x 8’ plastic sign. This sign would be nailed to the sign- board on the Blvd by Sunset Park. This will be voted on at the next meeting. Additionally, the Trustees will vote on purchasing 8-10 to more HCTA Annual Meeting road signs and a 4’ x 8’ large plastic sign (same art work as the signs purchased last summer) to increase awareness of these events. This way the items can be shipped together, saving us on the postage and this will be done.

Fundraising- Lena and researched and presented in the fall a good idea of sponsoring a small wine/food event. We briefly discussed- someone floated the idea of doing it after the Annual Meeting. We thought this sounded good- but will have to develop this more-possibly debuting Lena’s idea in August of 2011.

We would also like to discuss at the next meeting amending the by-laws to require attendance at a minimum number of Trustee Meetings. If a Trustee doesn’t feel they can participate and attend the meetings, perhaps they should consider stepping down.

Our next meeting will be Friday, March 12 at 7:30 pm. We need a volunteer to host

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