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Board Meeting Minutes January 2009

Minutes HCTA Trustee meeting Friday, January 23, 2009 Ries Residence

Present: LN, BL, SL, KR, PK, CG Absent: KP, TC, JC, MP, ST, BF

President’s Report: Bryan shared with the Trustees the update on the Beach Replenishment. The Baltimore Office of the Army Corps of Engineers had delayed the bids until March 19, 2009. This is the latest date the bids can be extended. Bryan reviewed the reasons for the Army’s Corps delay. Among the reasons to Harvey Cedars’ benefit are the qualification and approval of oceanfront property appraisals. More information will be forthcoming. Zazzle-our T-shirt/stamps/totes, etc. sales profit to HCTA is around $30.00 since the holidays. The quality of the Harvey Cedars products is excellent. It is important to note that the shirts run small so order a size up. Police Unity Tour donation request- we decided to table this until our next meeting, as we do not have enough info to make an informed decision. Bryan will follow up with Chief Falkowski to obtain more information. Membership guidelines-As a dues paying organization, we need to set/enforce guidelines as to who remains on our rosters and receives our mailings/emails. We discussed trying to clarify this and collect dues in a timely manner prior to our annual meetings. Also, discussed that only up to date dues paying members be allowed in the Annual meeting and availed of our Mayors time, etc. There were good ideas tossed around and we will discuss further in the future.

Treasure’s Report: Barbara emailed her report. It was motioned by Charlie and seconded by Kathy to accept it into the record. We had one new membership dues receipt and Barbara has taken care of the State of NJ filings. Safety/Environment: Phil is following up with the county on the status of the Blvd traffic study. He will get contact info out to the other Trustees so that we too can call these people to try to get some action. When this information in available, all Trustees are asked to contact the various county personnel. Phil will provide “talking points” for us. Barbara Sampson-Supv. is one contact that was helpful. Charlie commented that the JCTA has had a good experience in dealing with Ocean County Legislator Chris Connors. He could be helpful in our efforts as well. Michael e-mailed in the final Dune Ordinance that he assisted the HC commissioners with. He stated it was passed subject to publication. See HCTA website for info.

Taxes/Budget/Municipal Services: We discussed budget/taxes/shared services. It was decided to post a link to our website for the various forms available such as requesting an absentee ballot. That site is: Thanks to Lena for securing this information. This information is posted on our “Links of Interest” page-under “government links”. HC has a Member/volunteer serving on the JCTA School Budget committee. We appreciate Barbara Lehman for stepping up-her insight and professional experience should be very helpful to the committee. For follow-up: Did a resolution develop from the last meeting with Mayor Jon Oldham about marking driveway space? Also- how are the new water bills being done? Bryan will follow-up with these questions.

Zoning: What are the specifics on the placement of trash can corrals? Is there an ordinance on the placement and size of a driveway and how is the driveway to be marked? These questions will be referred to the Mayor and commissioners.

Membership/Fundraising: The HCTA roster is up to date. A few snail mail copies of blast e-mails sent to our membership have be “Returned to Sender” with no new address. These people, all of whom are not current with their dues (for more than one year) have been removed from our roster. Kathy and Lena came up with a great idea: The HCTA (with HC) sponsoring a Community Yard Sale on Saturday, June 10th. With Susan, they will work out the specifics and Bryan will discuss w/ the Mayor. More info will be forthcoming.

Website: Our website Go-To man, Andrew has renewed our domain name and also added a feature that re-directs site visitors to the HCTA site if they type in the wrong address. Thank you to Andrew for anticipating our needs and being an awesomely helpful volunteer!

Next meeting: Friday March 27th at Phil’s home

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