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Where did those ‘poles’ come from?

Last week, Ocean County set up white cylindrical batons on areas of the BLVD thru Harvey Cedars where they deem the shoulders too narrow, and where they could not widen the shoulders. County Engineer Frank Scarantino said the batons are in place to warn drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians of the narrow shoulders. The County would remove the batons in the fall. Prior to summer, the County expanded the shoulders from 2-4 feet in cooperation with Atlantic City Electric, but there were some areas where the utility poles could not be moved. Scarantino said ‘We set up these batons to let people know that the shoulders are going to be a little narrower.

The batons are 42 inches tall and are located from Cumberland to Cape May Ave, plus at Camden Ave area and in the business area. The County did not notify Harvey Cedars officials of their plans. Mike Garofalo, Harvey Cedars public safety chairman said “we don’t want to create another problem with cars hitting them.”

What the HCTA and the Borough want is for the County to implement their own plan of re-configuring the BLVD to one lane each with with a center turning lane in the middle. This plan would leave plenty of room for bike, walkers/joggers, stroller pushers, etc. It would also allow for a place for vehicles to pull over to allow for passage of emergency vehicles. The County has repeatedly told Harvey Cedars officials the “3 in HC” plan will not be implemented until officials in Barnegat Light and Long Beach Township drop their opposition to it. Both mayors feel and increase of 1.5 minutes travel time thru Harvey Cedars will inconvenience their residents.

Officials of the Harvey Cedars Taxpayers Association have reached out to other groups pushing for safer roads in an attempt to enlist their aid with the Safer BLVD campaign. They are also attempting a more educational approach to this issue.

Letters of support to the Sandpaper from Harvey Cedars residents and guests are also helpful. Please take a minute and forward an emailed letter of support for a safer BLVD to

August 2012: It is interesting to note that the County removed these poles with NO word to the Borough. They just disappeared. What’s going on Ocean County- why do you continue to waste taxpayer funds on bandaids?

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