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Harvey Cedars Celebrates 125th Anniversary

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Dear Harvey Cedars Resident,

This year – 2019 — marks the 125th Anniversary of Harvey Cedars and we intend to celebrate all summer, culminating with a town-wide dinner on the Saturday of Columbus Day weekend- October 12, 2019. We have developed a special 125th Anniversary logo which we are using on T-shirts, wine coolers, lanterns, dri-bags, grocery cooler bags, etc. which are for sale to the public as commemoratives.

We intend to order flags to fly at the Borough buildings and want to extend the offer to you to purchase and fly a 125th Anniversary flag outside of your home. The flags are printed with direct-to-dye sublimation equipment, are 3 oz. Polyester and come in two sizes with two reinforced grommets on the left. If you need a flagpole and wall bracket, that can be ordered also. We think it would be exciting to see our 125th logo flying all over Harvey Cedars this summer and as long as you would wish to maintain it.

Please indicate the size and number of flags you wish to purchase and bring the order with payment to Borough Hall at 7606 Long Beach Boulevard or mail it to Borough of Harvey Cedars at P. O. Box 3185, Harvey Cedars, NJ 08008 using the attached form.

We thank you for your support and Harvey Cedars spirit! Should you want more information about participating in the HC 125th Anniversary celebrations, please contact

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