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Want to Fight County and School Taxes? Register to Vote in Harvey Cedars and Let Your Voice Be Heard

School and County taxes was a hot topic at the 2010 HCTA Annual Meeting, held Saturday, August 28 at the Fire House. While the Borough actually decreased their Annual Budget by over $70,000, big increases were seen at the County and School level. Did you know that the School budget only passed by 16 votes?

It’s time to have a vote where we pay taxes. To do that, please register at least one member of your household in Harvey Cedars. The following web address will take you right to the voter registration form on the Ocean county website:

Just type it into the web address section of your browser and click enter. The printable from should pop up. You can print it, fill it out and please mail in asap.

You can also click on the ‘Office of the County Clerk” link on the right side of our homepage. Then click on the ‘Elections’ tab on the left side of that website. Next, click on ‘Election and Voter Info’. then follow the instructions for the ‘Voter Registration Form’. Thank you for helping make our opinions known-every vote counts!

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