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UPDATE – Gas Restoration in Harvey Cedars

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

This page will offer continuously updated ACCURATE information on the state of our natural gas situation. Below I’ve pasted what’s up there this morning, it indicates that all our meters MAY be ready for servicing by Sunday 11/18. Please read:

Please note that police will have this section of the island blocked off to pedestrian and vehicle traffic on Thursday, so that we may safely complete this complex operation. Our work will take place in three phases: first, a team will re-introduce natural gas into the main, one section of the island at a time. This is the work that is being conducted on Thursday. As your section of the island is completed, a second team will begin to repair and replace the meter sets within your section. When this work is completed, a home or business will have natural gas up to its meter. At this point, if a home or business has electricity and is habitable and occupied, then you may have your own qualified technician determine that your natural gas system and equipment are safe for use, and turn on your natural gas service. A qualified technician is the contractor, such as a licensed plumber or HVAC contractor, who usually services your natural gas equipment and appliances. If you are not sure who to call, here is a list of qualified technicians in the area.

We estimate that this meter work should tentatively be completed by Monday, November 19, but you should check back on this site for updates.

We are advising customers as follows:

  • As a property owner, you are responsible for maintaining all gas lines on your side of the meter.

  • You need to have a qualified technician inspect all your gas lines for proper operation and leaks.

  • Any furnaces, boilers or other appliances exposed to flooding or other storm-related damage must be serviced and determined to be safe for use by qualified technicians.

  • Once a qualified technician has determined that your gas system and equipment are safe for use, the technician should connect your gas line to the gas valve.

  • Once the qualified technician establishes the piping connection and determines that it is safe for use, the gas valve can be turned to the on position.

  • There will be a tag on the valve, which must be signed and dated by both the resident and the technician, and then returned to the municipal code official.


Sections of Long Beach Island where we have re-introduced natural gas and are now repairing and replacing meter sets:

Section of LBI: Natural gas re-introduced on: Estimated completion of meters: 7th Street to 25th St. Sunday, Nov. 11 Thursday, Nov. 15 8th Street to 48th St. Monday, Nov. 12 Friday, Nov. 16 Sherwood Way to James St. Tuesday, Nov. 13 Saturday, Nov. 17 East Bergen Ave to East 86th St. Wednesday, Nov. 14 Sunday, Nov. 18

West Seashell Lane to Holly Drive Thursday, Nov. 15 Monday, Nov. 19 Holly Drive to the northern tip of LBI Friday, Nov. 16 Tuesday, Nov. 20

Once a meter has been re-established and you see a tag on the customer gas valve just past your meter, your home’s natural gas service may be turned on by your qualified technician– but only after electricity has been restored, you have safely returned to your home, and your qualified technician has determined that your natural gas equipment is safe to operate.

This schedule is tentative—please check back frequently for updates.

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