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Thanks! Resident Letters to the Sandpaper re: BLVD

Fellow Members – In this week’s edition of The Sandpaper there are 7 letters to the editor regarding the Blvd. All 7 are in favor and one is even from a High Bar Harbor resident. Thank you, thank you to those who wrote letters. You can read the letters at

So now it is 8-3 in our favor, but we still need to keep them coming. As we all know politics often trumps what is right so we need to keep the pressure on. I encourage all of you to continue to write letters, and this time let’s turn the pressure up a bit – let Jack Kelly know how we feel. Send a copy of your letter to him.

P.O. Box 2191, Toms River, N.J. 08754-2191

We are meeting with the Borough this week to get an update on their meeting with the County and to plan our next steps. We will keep you posted via the website at

Thanks again to the writers, and please keep them coming. We need to make sure that the County understands we aren’t going away.

Bryan Lewis


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