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Taxpayers vote 3 to 1 for a 3 lane BLVD

Taxpayers vote 3 to 1 for safer 3 lane configuration.

The Boro has released to us the results of the BLVD Safety Survey. Taxpayers overwhelmingly responded in favor of the safer 3 lane configuration by a margin of 3 to 1. Next, the Boro responded with a Resolution of Support for this change that was sent to the Ocean County Board of Freeholders.

The next step will be for the community of Harvey Cedars to get out and show our support for this Resolution at a Freeholder meeting. We have been informed that the date of this meeting will be Wednesday, June 16 at 4pm in Toms River. When we can get information on the location, we will send out a blast e-mail asking resident to attend. A BIG showing at the Freeholders meeting in Toms River will help us to show the County Freeholders that we are serious about safety in Harvey Cedars. People should be able to jog, walk, push a baby stroller and ride a bike without fear of getting hit.

At a meeting the HCTA attended with the Mayor, Commissioners and the County in early May, the county suggested the following: – completing pedestrian walkways at three key locations along the BLVD, – posting signs that state it is the State Law law to stop for pedestrians in those walkways, – install flashing “Slow Down” signs.

The County Engineer, Frank Scarantino felt this would help “calm” traffic moving through Harvey Cedars. He admitted this would do nothing to slow traffic. Nor will this address the issue of safe pedestrian/jog/bike right of ways that other towns on LIB enjoy.County Administrator Alan Avery also attending this meeting. He admitted that he had not viewed the Simulation Model and could not comment one way or the other on it’s benefits.Additionally, he commented that he is leaving in July and will not see this issue thru.

Please mark your calendars form the June 16 meeting. We need a STRONG taxpayer showing!

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