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Ocean County Recycling Update-Please help

Single stream recyclables collected curbside must be placed loose into your recycling can. A notice announcing this was recently sent out to residents along with the Beach Badge order forms. Plastic bags damage the recycling processing equipment and render the recycled material valueless.PLEASE return the plastic bags to your local supermarkets as they are recycled by the store. Strict policies instituted by commodity purchasers, addressing the quality of the recyclables, prohibit the use of plastic bags. Shipments containing plastic bags and other contaminants are deemed unmarketable and are returned to the sending agency.

Ocean County began accepting mixed recyclable materials in 2010. All along, the County has stressed that residents must keep plastic bags out of curbside recycling containers as the bags hamper the single stream sorting efficiency and can damage the processing equipment. The single stream sorting equipment at the Lakewood processing facility jams regularly because of plastic bags. This compels the County and sending towns to renew their efforts to inform citizens of proper recycling protocol.

Accepted Items:

  • Empty and rinsed aluminum cans

  • glass bottles

  • jars and containers

  • plastic bottles

  • jars and containers (e.g. dish and laundry containers)

  • milk jugs

  • mixed paper (e.g. newspapers, junk mail, catalogs, paperback books, magazines, brown bags and wrapping paper)

  • Clean cardboard

  • pizza boxes

  • empty/non-aerosol cans

Items not accepted: Plastic bags!

For more information, please refer to the Ocean County website at or call 800-55-RECYCLE.

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