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Monday, November 5, 2012: Update 1

Good evening folks,

I was up at 4:45am and we were on our way to LBI shortly there after. We got in the right side (placard) lane by 6-ish and waited for the 7am bridge opening. By the time we got down to Marsha Drive a couple hours later, the police were letting most everyone pass thru the road blocks in an attempt to ease the miles long back up to the parkway and congestion. Heading north, we passed thru two checkpoints and saw police, National Guard, utility workers, public works employees and contractors out in force attempting to get LBI back on it’s collective feet.

I had the pleasure of speaking to Mayor Jon Oldham for today’s update and he looks tired, but he is not defeated and he is, as always, professional and positive. He is happy to have residents returning, and eager to see our town moving forward. Here is the update:

Trash/garbage: Harvey Cedars will pick up trash TOMORROW! You can place it at the curb in cans or construction type garbage bags. This would be trash from cleaning out refrigerators, yard debris, etc.

Please note the following WILL NOT be picked up at this point: Toxic waste (such as paint cans, batteries…) ‘White goods’ (such as appliances). You can stack white goods at your curb for pick up at a later date.You can also stack other types of clean-out trash that according to Jon is “managable” for Boro pick up at a later point.

If you find debris in your yard that could belong to a neighbor or even someone a few streets over, the Boro is asking you to assist them by stacking this curbside as well. Neighbors, if you are missing lawn furniture, yard art, trash containers or corrals, your boat, planters, etc. PLEASE walk your streets or neighborhoods and look for them. There is a good chance they are still around.

Three dumpsters are placed thru out town if you would like to assist in the efforts to get trash off the street. These are located in front of the Harvey Cedars Shellfish Company, in front of the Harvey Cedars Marina and by Sunset Park. (I’m sorry, but I cannot tell you exactly where it is, I forgot to look!)

Access to HC: Even though North Beach is not open ( it’s lanes are filled with sand, which looks like a bad snow storm) you can still pass thru NB on the Blvd which has been excavated. Officials are worried that the expected Nor’easter could deposit the sand which is pushed into ‘sand banks’ back onto the Blvd and make it impassable. If you are on island, please be very careful. If you plan to stay in town, be sure to bring everything you need with you. (Neptune’s was the only business that we could verify was open.) If you are thinking of returning, be aware that you might encounter difficulty from Emergency Management personnel attempting to cross the bridge. The Island is expected to be ok for return later in the week. We will update you as information is made available to us.

Remember, the 6pm to 6am curfew is in effect. If you are on Island, you are restricted to your “Zone” as determined on your re-entry placard.

Contractors: If you have or plan to hire a contractor to do work on your home, they must be registered by you with Long Beach Township to gain access to the Zone that your home is located in on the Island. Mayor Oldham informed me that LBI is managing the contractor list for the bridge. LBT’s contact number is: (609)361-1000.

Landscapers: If you have hired any Landscaping contractor, you must notify the Boro at (609) 361-6000. I am sorry, but presently I am unable to provide you with the point person in HC managing this list.

Voting: This just in from the HC Police-Harvey Cedars Residents on the island can vote by paper ballot at Ship Bottom Boro hall tomorrow. The poll hours are not posted.

A final thought: On our way out of town today, we stopped on a few randomly chosen oceanside streets to survey the dunes and ocean. At E. Gloucester, the beach is almost flat from the surf line to the homes. I witnessed Boro personnel in earth moving equipment ( sorry, I don’t know the lingo) out on the beach pushing sand into berms trying to create a barrier for this next expected storm. No words can express my appreciation for the near round the clock efforts our Boro Commissioners, police and personnel have put forth. When you see one of them, please stop them and express your thanks. HC is in comparatively great shape because of the foresite and efforts of these people.

*Some beach pictures should be posted at shortly.

Have a good evening. SL

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