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Hurricane Sandy Update- Wed, Oct 31st

First let us start by saying we are thankful to the efforts of the HCPD to protect life and property before, during and after Sandy slammed our beloved LBI. We understand we have a long road ahead of us. We will get thru it and are grateful there was no loss of life in our community.

HCTA President Phil Kunz spoke with HC Mayor Jon Oldham this morning.The following information was shared:

*The BLVD in North Beach is considered impassable. The County (Ocean) is planning on working on that today (Monday).

*The South end of the island was harder hit than the North end.

*The Mayor just finished looking at a number of beach fronts in HC. Most houses are in pretty good shape. A number of ocean front homes had the break away construction wash out as designed.

*HC does not have sewer or power but does have water. There is a lot of displaced sand and debris. HC is going to have two bulldozers working on removing about 2 feet of sand from the streets tomorrow.

*Emergency management is shutting off gas and water leaks at homes throughout town.

The HCTA will continue to provide information to our members as it is made available to us. Please feel free to share info with your families and friends. We are assembling storm photos of HC and identifying them. When we have the time, we will post these storm photos at our website: and will send out a blast email that they are available for viewing.

This article will be updated as needed/info available.

The HCTA Trustees

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