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Don’t Forget To Vote on November 8th!

Tuesday, November 8th is election day! If you are registered to vote in Ocean County but don’t live here full time, please come to Harvey Cedars and exercise your important RIGHT to vote! Poling places are open from 6am to 8pm.

Members of the State Legislature are up for re-election as well as County Freeholder positions. For more information on times, locations, candidates, etc. please go to the Ocean County Elections website at :

If you are not registered to vote in Harvey Cedars, but are a resident of New Jersey, please consider switching the voter registration of one or more members of your household to Harvey Cedars. The school budget will be up for vote in the spring. There is not much the HCTA or the Boro can do to help keep our school taxes down if we don’t have registered voters who VOTE in Harvey Cedars. Did you know that Harvey Cedars residents pay over $320,000.00 per Harvey Cedars pupil that attends Southern Regional High School? Let’s have a say in this- register to vote!

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