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Can you Support the School Budget?

We are going to leave this post on the site for comparison purposes when the new ‘school budget season’ approaches.

As it currently stands-this doesn’t appear fair- read on:

The March 31st edition of the Sandpaper features two articles on the respective School Budgets (Southern Regional and LBI Consolodated). Both articles bemoan the loss of state aid, etc., but nobody is considering wage freezes or givebacks, etc. Even though the article doesn’t mention it, LBI Consolidated just negotiated a new teachers’ contract for three years with a 4% per year wage increase.

The points worth mentioning, is the fact that in both cases Harvey Cedars is getting hit with the highest increases; as follows:

For LBI Consolidated, Barnegat Light tax rate is being reduced; Harvey Cedars average tax is increasing by $31.22: other towns are experiencing average increases of approximately $8.00 to $12.00. Maybe not too bad in this tough economic time – BUT

For the Southern Regional Budget, three towns (Barnegat light, Ship Bottom, Beach Haven) are seeing a tax rate decrease; the average tax in Stafford is increasing $22.78, Long Beach Township plus $76.42, Surf City up $264.81, Harvey Cedars’ average tax is increasing $319.71.

The HCTA encourages all registered voters to get out and vote on the school board budgets.

Both Articles: Sandpaper March 31 issue. LBI Consolidated items pg 30: “Tax Increases, No Staff Cuts for LBI District”; Southern Regional items pg 28; “Southern Regional Cuts Jobs, Eliminates Its Adult School”.

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