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Borough Announces latest Bulk Trash Pick-up!

Good evening HCTA members:

The Borough has asked the HCTA to help them get the word out about the next bulk trash pickup. It will be this Saturday (yes, the day after tomorrow), December 15. Residents are asked to follow the county trash guidelines (found on the HCTA website). Hazardous waste WILL NOT be picked up.

Clean out your storage areas folks and get the waste to the curb!

Additionally, I will put in a shameless plug right now for the HCTA Annual Townwide yard sale to be held the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend. If you have items worthy of others (remember, one man’s trash in another man’s treasure) put it aside for the May Sale and join our initiative! The HCTA Attendance has increased every year and it is good to bring additional ‘business’ into Harvey Cedars.

Stay safe and enjoy this blessed season!



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