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2013 Beach Replenishment in Harvey Cedars

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Beach Replenishment Update!

The preconstruction meeting for the LBI beach replenishment project was held on May 10th 2013. As it stands today the project is going to begin as soon as possible, meaning it could be as soon as this June. The first towns to receive replenishment will be Harvey Cedars and Brant Beach simultaneously. The duration for this phase is estimated at 85 days. The dredge will start at Essex Avenue and pipe will be run north and then south. Work is expected to progress at about 1000 feet per week (about one jetty). Harvey Cedars is receiving 1.5 million yards of sand.

Please remember the absolute benefit of having the replenished beach during any inconvenience this project may cause.

REMEMBER Hurricane season begins June 1!

If you are interested in becoming a HCTA Board Member please let us know by emailing your name and contact information to

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