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Clean Out Those Closets- The HCTA 3rd Annual Townwide Yard Sale is Scheduled!

It’s never too early to clean out your basement, attic, closets, garage or storage bins full of “stuff”. It’s a new year, and with that comes new beginnings (or a renewed sense of order).

Consider planning ahead and begin cleaning out those areas of you home that tend to accumulate clutter. You could be in for a big windfall in May! The HCTA is planning the 3rd Annual Townwide Yard Sale- to be held on Saturday, May 28- Memorial Day Weekend. Your trash could be another man’s (or woman’s) treasure! Think of the extra space you’ll be creating, the possible money you could earn and the good feeling that someone could be enjoying your unused ‘stuff’. As we get closer to the event- sign-up details will be forthcoming.

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