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3 in HC Freeholders Meeting

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Hello Harvey Cedars Residents,

WE NEED YOUR HELP AND SUPPORT. We talk about the unsafe Boulevard every year at our Annual Meeting. And we talk about it at backyard barbeques with our friends and neighbors. Now is the time we need you to do something about it. We have a unique opportunity to convince the Freeholders of Ocean County to support the 3 in HC lane change: PLEASE attend the Ocean County Freeholders meeting in Toms River on August 7th at 4 PM. We ask that each of you join us at this very pivotal meeting to support the proposed three-lane changes to the Boulevard running through our Borough.

Anyone who has crossed the boulevard during the height of the summer season knows that it is one dangerous proposition. It is even worse for those who venture out on a bike, run, walk, or push a baby stroller. I am sure you agree that these simple pleasures should not equate to taking our lives in our hands. To date we have been very lucky as to not experience a fatal accident in town, however, if the situation remains, that luck will inevitably run out.

If you are reading this message then you own a home in Harvey Cedars, you likely have Guests over and you do business here. You deserve to feel safe as you and your families enjoy all that our great town and island have to offer. For more information regarding the changes for which we are advocating, please visit

On August 7th please plan to join your Mayor, Commissioners, and neighbors as we attend the Ocean County Freeholders meeting in Toms River at 4 PM. We need to have as large of a presence as possible. Please invite friends and families beyond Harvey Cedars. In order to make our voices heard we are hoping for participation of at least 200 people. Please stand with us — and your neighbors — to protect your loved ones and friends from a preventable accident. There are so few times in life when doing something so small, like going to a meeting, can do so much for so many.

To help make attending the meeting easier the HCTA will be provide free round trip bus transportation. The bus will depart from Sunset Park at 2:30 PM. We ask that you CLICK HERE to sign up for the meeting.

PLEASE, PLEASE plan to attend and help us effect the change that is vital to making Harvey Cedars a safer and better place.

I hope to see you all at the meeting.

Phil Kunz HCTA President

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