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Introducing the Harvey Cedars Taxpayers Association Committee that volunteer their time to work on issues that affect all Harvey Cedars taxpayers.

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Chair: Phil Kunz

The Building/ Zoning Committee is coordinated by John Imperiale with assistance from Phil Kunz. The Committee’s activities concern the general development of residential homes, commercial buildings and structures in the Borough. This Committee is interested in consulting with Borough Government on building/zoning codes and regulations in the Borough. Members of the Committee intervened in connection with proposed zoning code changes which would have significantly restricted home size and square footage in Harvey Cedars.The Committee seeks to ensure that zoning codes and ordinances are clearly developed and written, well communicated, fairly and evenly applied to commercial and residential projects alike and administered efficiently. While we understand that Borough government must appropriately employ their judgment with respect to variances, violations and enforcement of zoning regulations; we strongly endorse fair and equal treatment of all property owners and developers and seek to ensure appropriate consideration is provided to property owners equally.The Committee recognizes that logical and consistently applied zoning regulations are in the best interests of the community and cannot take advocacy positions with regard to individual matters of zoning interpretation or zoning variance being adjudicated in the Borough. Finally, committee also promotes dialogue between the HCTA and the municipal government to determine services desired by the residents that can be provided by the municipality at a practical cost.


Chair: Kathy Ries

Website: Andrew Shaffer and Susan Lewis

Kathy Ries serves as HCTA Media Contact. Kathy is responsible for all media information and HCTA promotion. Additionally, Communications assists Membership in successfully hosting the HCTA Annual Meeting. From the annual meeting, a comprehensive list of members is continually developed based on information gathered at the event and from other resources. This list is used for both regular and critical communications from the HCTA to it’s member base- mainly through ‘blast’ emails sent to our members.


As the HCTA moves forward, we have budgetary needs and goals to be met. We would like to be able to assist or sponsor programs that promote the well being of our community. To attain this goal, we need to generate a revenue stream via dues and fundraising.Our main fundraising activities are the HCTA sponsored ANNUAL TOWN-WIDE YARD SALE held the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend and our sale of Harvey Cedars apparel and items at All Trustees assist as needed with Fundraising

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Business Team




Reps: Barbara Lehman, Bob Danna, Jim Loudon, Greg Gutchigan.

The JCT liason provides representation to the Joint Council of Taxpayers Association of LBI. Currently the JCT President is  the HCTA’s Barbara Lehman. Trustees Jim Loudon, Bob Danna, Greg Gutchigan and Janis Gutchigan serve as representatives who insure that Harvey Cedars voice is heard at these island-wide taxpayer meetings. Year round residents are encouraged to join the committee and assist us in the coverage of these meetings.


Co-Chairs: Bob Danna and Greg Gutchigan

The Membership Committee is focused on the maintenance of the membership roster and growth of the organization, realizing that there is strength in numbers. Members are the backbone of the HCTA.The Committee hosts the HCTA Annual Meetings in conjunction with the Communications Committee and the Board-elect. From the Annual Meeting held in August, a comprehensive list of members is revised and maintained based on information gathered at the event and from other resources. This list is used for both regular and critical communications from the HCTA to its member base via e-mail.The Committee is also responsible for the nomination of Trustees and Officers in a manner as outlined in the bylaws. Working closely with the Treasurer, the Membership Committee is charged with tracking paid membership.The Membership Committee works closely with the Communications Committee to continue to promote membership in the organization and to advertise meetings, including the Annual Meeting.

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Two Businessmen



Chairs: Phil Kunz

Co-Chairs: Mike Songer

The Safety Committee was formed to focus on safety concerns in the Borough and to identify specific areas in need of improvement. Phil Kunz currently heads this group, assisted by  our Legal Eagle Mike Songer. Focusing largely on the BLVD roadway safety improvements, the Committee invites interested taxpayers to contribute concerns and help develop recommendations. Blvd safety meetings have been attended by Phil and Trustee Bryan Lewis who have put together the HCTA Position Paper on the proposed County safety improvements to the BLVD. Please avail yourself to this paper by clicking on the “Issues Updates” tab on this website. Through constructive communication with the Commissioners and the County, we hope to ensure an actionable and effective improvement for Long Beach Blvd. as it passes through the Borough of Harvey Cedars.

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