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Summer Update from Bryan Lewis

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Dear fellow HCTA member:

I hope all of you had a wonderful 4th of July holiday in Harvey Cedars and are enjoying your summer.

Our beach replenishment project is now complete with 300,000 more yards of sand added to the beaches on the north end of town. In addition, the Public Works Department completed pushing sand that had migrated to North Beach back to Harvey Cedars. They are working on the completion of the ramps and dune walkovers and have been delivered the piece of equipment that will allow the maintenance of the dune walkovers three weeks ago. We hope our protection from Nature’s fury is ensured for a long time. We continue working toward making our Boulevard safer and are in constant dialogue with our Mayor and County Freeholders. Your responses to the survey made clear your opinion and support for this project – with over 70% in favor. The HCTA attended a Freeholders meeting in June, along with members of our community and our Commissioners to support and reiterate the need for a safer BLVD and wider shoulders in Harvey Cedars. This will probably be a long and on-going process, but we feel with member support, Harvey Cedars will see a safer Boulevard. Our Police Chief, Thomas Prieser feels the flashing speed signs are helping to slow down traffic speed and the HCPD is enforcing the traffic rules. On an additional safety note, you should have received a letter from the Harvey Cedars Office of Emergency Management this week detailing the procedures in the event of an Island evacuation and the LBI Re-Entry Placard (car window tag) for Harvey Cedars. These tags are for property and business owners to re-enter HC to assess damage and secure property after a storm. There is one tag issued per household, which are valid for 4 years. The fee for a replacement tag is $50.00. More information may be found on at For those of you who may (luckily) be here for a while and stopped your mail, a note was mailed to all property owners in Harvey Cedars alerting them to a Municipal tax bill due August 1st, 2010. Any payments received after August 10th will be subject to back interest to August 1. If you are like me and only like interest when paid my way, take note. I would hate for anyone to have missed the mailing. Finally, I would like to plug the Harvey Cedars 23d Annual Arts Festival. This event is organized by HC resident Susan Kramer and sponsored by the HC Activities Committee. It is this Sunday, July 18th at Sunset Park from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Please come out and support the HC Activities Committee and the artists participating in this enjoyable town event. On behalf of the HCTA Board of Trustees, we hope you continue to enjoy your summer.


Bryan Lewis, President

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