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Newsletter from our President

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Hello Fellow Harvey Cedars Taxpayers Association Members –

I hope everyone is faring well through the multiple snowstorms. Happily, Spring begins 56 days from today and only 127 days till Memorial Day. Close enough that it keeps my mind off of the foot of snow still in my yard.

Several updates for you:

Home Security

Unfortunately earlier this winter several homes in Loveladies and one bayfront home in Harvey Cedars were burglarized. The HC Police Department routinely conducts random house checks (they once called me to let me know my basement was unlocked but nothing looked amiss) and patrols all streets in town. For added protection, the Police Department offers a FREE program whereby Officers will make checks of your house and notify you if they find open doors, water leaks or any suspicious activity. The program is active between October 15th and May 30th. To download a registration form visit our website at You can click on the HCPD link and find the form under ‘programs’. It is important to note that this registration must be updated every season.

New Building Ordinance

A new Building Ordinance was passed that changes the value of what is used to determine substantial improvement or substantial damage. Previously it had been the assessed value, but now it will be the replacement value. This ordinance was patterned after a similar one passed in Beach Haven. Certain FEMA rules could be very punitive to homeowners in the event of damage. The change in the ordinance allows for compliance with FEMA regulations without some of the very expensive and punitive unintended consequences of the regulation. If you wish to read the new ordinance, please visit our website.

Beach Replenishment /Court Cases

Not much to report on the litigation as the cases work their way through court. The Flumenbaum case has been settled, and at this point it appears the other cases are postponed. As we get information, we will post it on the HCTA website.

The 83rd St Ramp has been straightened out and complies with the settlement with the Flaumenbaum’s. The Army Corp will return to finish up the work, make it drivable for vehicles and add dune grass, etc. The Borough has also cut out some of the “mass” at Mercer St. ramp and is looking at some possible renovations on the 80th St. ramp. The Borough has worked to show the residents of those streets the plans and is trying to accommodate their ideas/wishes as best they can.

The dune grass planting has yet to be finished, the Borough has not forgotten about it and expects it to be finished in the spring.

Boulevard Safety

I wish there were more to report on this very important issue. The surrounding towns still appear to be very against the project. Without the support of Mayor Mancini, this will prove a difficult battle. The Borough and the HCTA are still working to meet with Mayor Mancini and the other Taxpayers Associations to come to agreement. Since it is a county road, the county listens to the surrounding towns as much as us. It is unfortunate that some people think that a maximum increase in transit time of 28 seconds at peak hours is more important than the safety of our residents.

The other options proposed by County Freeholder Jack Kelly are more traffic lights. The average traffic light along the Boulevard is 35 seconds. What people seem to forget is that the traffic lights are always there. Peak traffic isn’t. The additional traffic lights in Harvey Cedars will almost assure them of a longer transit through town, while doing little to help people trying t cross the Boulevard. Overwhelmingly, the taxpayers are in support of this project. Please help us and contact Freeholder Kelly and express YOUR support. You can find Jack Kelly’s contact information on our website as well.

School Consolidation

The draft Study of School Consolidation has been completed and reviewed by the Long Beach Island Board of Education as well as the five Mayors who have accepted the report (including Mayor Oldham). The results of the Feasibility Study will be presented to the public on Tuesday, January 25th at 7pm in the Ethel Jacobsen School. The study should be published in the Beach Haven Times the same day.

It is proposed to create one school building for pre-k through sixth grade on the site of the Ethel Jacobsen School properties. This will require a large addition and renovations to the existing building. It is anticipated that this can be funded by the sale of the Long Beach Island Grade School property and bus garage and a New Jersey Department of Education facilities construction grant.

HCTA Trustee Barbara Lehman has agreed to chair the Joint Council of Taxpayers Associations committee to review the feasibility study. AS we learn more, we will post updates to our website.


The HCTA has made a donation to the Harvey Cedars Beach Patrol to help with the cost of new umbrellas for the lifeguards. You may not be aware of it, but we have the second largest beach patrol in the state, while at the same time one of the lowest budgets – safety and savings.

Looking for a way to show your support for the HCTA or your love of Harvey Cedars? Check out our catalog at where you can find HCTA and Harvey Cedars T-shirts, mugs, beach bags, coffee mugs, etc. A portion of each sale goes to the HCTA to help us fund the organization and projects in town.

As always, thank you for your membership, continued support and comments. Keep the comments coming – we are your voice, so hearing from you is important. Please help us expand our membership – there is power in numbers. If your neighbors don’t belong, ask them to join. You will be helping them AND yourself.



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