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JCTA Meeting Minutes JULY 2010


Meeting of 7/12/10 – Minutes


Scott Sharpless Barnegat Light Bill Kunz Brant Beach

Barbara Lehman Harvey Cedars Bob Irvine LBT 10

Patricia Monaco Loveladies H. O. Bob Monaco Loveladies P. O.

Pat Moran North Beach T. A. Ken Martell Seaview Beach T. A.

Charlie Gaver Harvey Cedars T. A. Lena Nerrie Harvey Cedars T. A.

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM; President Pat Moran presiding.

Pledge of Allegiance followed.

Minutes of the meeting of 6/6/10 were approved.

Treasurer’s report by Bob Monaco – current balance is $4859.32-accepted as presented.

Old Business:

Southern Regional

Attempts to clarify/amplify the “Memorandum of Agreement of 4/16/10” which is purported to implement a wage freeze on Southern Regional’s salaries is not meeting with any success. Specifically, an Email to Tom Serpico, President of the BOE asking for clarification of the terms “Guide Enhancement”, “increments “ and number of employees this affected did not even get the courtesy of a reply. Basically, this brings into question whether the Board’s purported announcement of a “Wage Freeze” as announced just before the Budget vote was in fact as purported.

Discussions followed re possible courses of actions that the JCTA might take th meeting with including Letters to the Editor, ads in both the Sandpaper and Stafford Leader, letter writing campaigns and such. The consensus was that it is a bit early for an ad campaign; instead President Pat Moran will send an Email to our Board Members, Don Myers and Marilyn Wasilewski requesting that they provide the requested information. Should that result in further stonewalling, then we will consider the next steps.

Lynne Shugars, Bus. Administrator, has announced that she is leaving.

On a new issue, questions have been raised regarding the methods and procedure used by the Board to come up with a new insurance carrier.

Long Beach Consolidated

No further information on the Board’s recommendation as to a consultant to study the feasibility of consolidation into one building, and the expected savings, if any. This is of course at the request of the 6 Mayors.

New Cross Walk Statute (NJ Statute 39.4-36)

The July 6th meeting with representatives of the State DOT and the Attorney Generals’ office was not very satisfying. Both bodies apparently disavow any responsibility for the statute and basically claim that since it was passed by the legislature, they can do nothing except to enforce it.

After some discussion, it was decided that the JCTA should try to coordinate a letter writing campaign to our legislators (Gove, Rumpf,Connors) requesting that the statute be suspended pending further study of the “unintended effects” of its passage.

Suggested letter to be drafted by C. Gaver and forwarded through Pat Moran to the various Taxpayer associations – hopefully in the next two weeks.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:55 PM by motion.

Charlie Gaver



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