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Friday, Nov 9- Update 1

Good news HCTA members!

*Gas: The gas company has reported that the restoration of gas service on Long Beach Island will occur in stages. Since the main supply lines have multiple zones, areas with little damage will be inspected and once approved turned back on. Each property will receive a notice that requires the property owner to have the distribution pipe (after the meter to the house) and the connections inspected and signed off on by a licensed plumber. Once signed off and turned in, the gas company will turn each individual meter on. The gas company will be turning mains on in Ship Bottom and Surf City beginning this Sunday 11.11.12. We realize this is very preliminary information and will get more out once more details are released.

* 1st Community Cleanup: Tomorrow, Saturday, November 9 will be our first cleanup day. We ask anyone that is available to volunteer for a few hours to report to the parking lot of town hall promptly at noon. We will divide into groups and spend a few hours collecting debris in designated areas around HC. Please be sure to bring work gloves if you have them and water to stay hydrated. If you can bring some construction type garbage bags and possibly a rake, that would be great! Jim Loudon will be coordinating “Workday Wednesdays”, which will start next Wednesday, Nov 14th. If you are in HC and would like to volunteer, please ‘comment’ on this update (Nov 9) on the HCTA website ( and Jim will be in touch with the details.

*Trash/Debris collection: Homeowners are asked to refrain from putting ‘toxic’ waste such as paint cans out for pickup. Large times such as white goods or furniture should be placed at the curb for pick up later this coming week. Same with ‘regular’ trash.

*Lost and Found Page: Our wonderful IT guy- Andrew, has set this up and it is now active. If you find an item on your property that does not belong to you, we ask you to please ask around your neighborhood. If you cannot find the owner, please list the item on our Lost and Found page. We hope to facilitate the process of reconnecting people with their property. Remember, Susan or Andrew will have to ‘approve’ your ‘comment’ before the post can be listed (to prevent spam).

Stay warm HC and welcome back to the town we all love!

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