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A Clear Spring Night on the Beach

A Clear Spring Night On The Beach

by Sandra Jane Edwards

I want to stand on white sandy beach On a nice cool spring night Overlooking the wide blue ocean Lisening to the waves roll in As they pound against the shore. Watching the moon As it seems to be looking and smiling at me As it floats along the top of the water The stars with their strong powerful glow Calling to me from their far away homes Twinkling brite to remind me they are there Winking and flashing a light show for me And for anyone else who takes the time To look their way Air filled with the smell of the sea Blows softly across my face and my cheeks As it slowly dances to a tune it hears in it’s head My hair, my clothes and every single wave in the sea Dances along beautifully to every single beat As it whisper’s One, two, three: One, two, three Dance with me

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