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Keeping Harvey Cedars Taxpayers Informed!

What Community Cleanup Volunteers will/will not pick up from your house.

Community Cleanup/Workday Wednesday debris/trash guidelines has been shared with the HCTA by Commissioner Judy Gerkens:

You are volunteering to pick up storm debris to help the town get back to normal. Thank you!

Items to be picked up by volunteers:

  • Bags of ruined household items
  • Small furniture
  • Piling butts and other wood debris
  • Sheet rock/ roof shingles
  • Small carpet sections

Items that will be picked up by our hauler or our public works employees

  • Things that are recycled: TVs/electronics, White goods, Comingle, Brush/Trees/Branches/leaves
  • Major Bulk: Mattresses, Sofas, Large Furniture, Pilings, Major carpet tear outs
  • Food/Refrigerator/Freezer Waste
  • Hazardous Waste: Paint cans, Gas grill tanks, Gasoline containers, Buckets/cans of oil, tar, other hazardous substance, Medications


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