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Thursday, November 1- Update 2

Three  new Items:

1. From the Harvey Cedars Police Department via Twitter:” Please do not call police for non emergencies. Dispatch centers are overwhelmed. Crews are working hard to make #lLBI accessible.” Members and friends- PLEASE do not call the Police unless it is a true emergency.

2. I have been unable to get any conformation that if you are on the Island and you leave to go vote in Stafford or Toms River, that you will be allowed back on. When I called  the County again, they said ‘good question’. Presently, NO ONE is being allowed on the island except for Emergency workers. Common sense  would dictate that you most likely will NOT be allowed back on the island if you leave. Think twice if you want to go vote. I would hate for anyone to leave thinking they are doing their civic duty based on voting information we passed along, then be denied access to their home. This is your individual decision.

3. Fema assistance information: http://www.fema.gov/disaster-survivor-assistance


One Response to “Thursday, November 1- Update 2”
  1. Jean Hegedus says:

    So sad to see… we have a house on 70th Street and have been there for 15 years… hard to imagine the devastation. Many thanks to all the men and women who are working tirelessly to rescue others and make the island accessible again. And thank you for posting the photos — it helps to have some sense of what is happening. Is there anything we can do/provide, etc. to help the local fire and police?


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