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Summer Update From President Phil Kunz

Summer Update

Dear Fellow HCTA Members,

I hope everybody is enjoying summertime in Harvey Cedars!

We had another successful Annual Town Wide yard sale on Memorial Day weekend with a record 36 households participating.  We thank everyone that participated and hope the shoppers had an enjoyable experience in Harvey Cedars. It is never too early to start to prepare and collect your ‘treasures’ for next year’s sale.

We recently sent a ‘Help Wanted’ email out looking for HCTA members interested in becoming a Trustee on the  HCTA Board. We are very pleased with the response from our membership and are in touch with a number of people that responded. If you are interested,  please let us know by responding directly to this email. We are always looking for good people to get involved.

We continue to work to apply pressure on Ocean County to change the Boulevard to the three lane configuration they originally proposed to make the road safer. Freeholder Jack Kelly continues to not take action. The County has made some changes to the shoulder area, but still has not been able to provide the proper width needed to ensure safety. In areas where the width is far less than desired or “a little narrower” according to the County Engineer (SandPaper 7/5/12 article), batons have been installed. I am sure many of you have already encountered these new obstacles. I think the County has us in training for some sort of Summer Olympic event!  As you know, crossing the Boulevard is another part of the issue. In a letter to the Sand Paper (6/28/12), Lisa Breznak of Surf City wrote  how difficult it is to cross the Boulevard (two lanes) in Surf City. We understand Ms. Breznak’s frustration times two! The County seems to be willing to apply a lot of band aids instead of curing the illness.

This past December, Harvey Cedars, passed Resolution #2011-123, adopting the  Complete Streets Policy. Complete Streets is design criteria where the pedestrian use of a roadway is taken into account. This is the same policy the Ocean County Engineer, Frank Scarantino cited when he presented with the three lane change for the Boulevard. Both the HCTA and our Mayor have written to Governor Christie asking for his help and support. Please continue to let the County and public know we want a safer Boulevard. We ask you to write letters ( needed addresses are posted on our website) and sign our online petition at http://www.harveycedarstax.org. Please show your support for a safer Boulevard by signing the online petition. Select the 3 in HC/Boulevard heading and scroll down toward the bottom of the page.  Select “Sign Our Petition”.  We welcome input on how to ensure a safer Boulevard for all.

The HCTA continues to support Harvey Cedars with donations to the Annual Harvey Cedars 5 mile  Dog Day Race, the HC Activities Committee  fireworks fund, and Harvey Cedars High Point fire company. If you have any suggestion on where our group could assist in town, please submit your idea for consideration by responding to this email.

An important note: Our  Annual Meeting is scheduled for August 25th at the firehouse. Please mark your calendars. We will send out email invitations as we get closer to the date. We hope you will attend- we want to hear from our members and see you as well.

The HCTA board meets throughout the year, working to make Harvey Cedars a better place for all.

We appreciate your support,

Phil Kunz, HCTA President


One Response to “Summer Update From President Phil Kunz”
  1. Joyce Albers-Schonberg says:

    We lost a lot of beach between Bergen Ave. and the Fishing Club. Will the town or the Army Core do anything about it?

    It would truely be great if we can get the shoulders of the Boulevard widened. We need to get the County Freeholders on site on a Sunday morning to see all the walkers, bikers, skaters, carriages, etc rolling down the Boulevard. It’s frightening and I try to avoid driving then.
    Thanks for all you do for HC !


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