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October JCTA Meeting Minutes


Meeting of 10/04/10 – Minutes


Scott Sharpless          Barnegat  Light                        Charlie Gaver            Harvey Cedars

Bob Irvine                    LBT 10                                       Bob Monaco               Loveladies POA

Pat Moran                   North Beach TO                       Ken Martell                Seaview Beach

Dick Jefferies             Surf City TO                               Barbara Lehman      Harvey Cedars

Mary  Schwartz         Barnegat Light                         Jane O’Brien             Barnegat Light

Meeting was called to order at 7:00PM; President Pat Moran presiding.

Pledge of Allegiance followed.

Bob Monaco, Treasurer reported our current balance is $4602.32.  Two recent expense items were Liability Insurance – $232, and NJ registration – $25.


Southern Regional:

The new Business Administrator, Steve  Terhune, replaced Lynn Shugars who went to Moorestown. The school’s insurance has been moved to a new insurance carrier resulting in significant premium savings.

Pension billings (from the State) came in at 3%+ over the estimates.  This is true for LBI Consolidated as well.  This will be a budget problem for both Boards.

LBI Consolidated:

The open meeting regarding the possible consolidation study was held on Sept. 28th and was attended by 70 or or so residents.  It was an “open meeting” – the Board of Education members simply observed. The designated consultant firm, LAN of Milltown, NJ was in attendance.  Apparently, there were opinions expressed both for and against consolidation.

Some general discussion followed within the JCTA members regarding the rationales and protocols being incorporated in the study.  Apparently the initial report is due within a month or so.

Other Business:

Peter Trainor and Rick Jones have resigned from LBT 10 (and also therefore presumably from the JCTA.

Scott Sharpless has resigned as President of Barnegat Light Taxpayers since he is running (unopposed) for the Barnegat Light Town Council.  Good luck  to  Scott.  He introduced the incoming President, Mary Schwartz.

Pat Moran reminded all that now is the time to begin looking at the town budgets;  both current and next years.

Meetin was adjourne at 8:15 PM.

Charlie Gaver

Next Meeting November 1, 2010 @ 7PM


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