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Nov 4, 2012 : Update 2

Here is a little bit more clarification of today’s update 1: Long Beach Island will be open to residents only, on Monday, November 5, 2012 from 7:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

AS OF NOW, this is a one day, ‘grab what you can and go’ event managed by the National Guard. Nothing is presently scheduled for other days.

No kids under 12 allowed. No pets allowed. Be sure to bring bottled water for yourselves. LBI is still under a ‘boil water’ alert. Unless you have an electric stove or microwave that you can use to boil water, you need to bring water with you.

To Re-enter: Residents must show their re-entry placard, driver’s license showing an LBI address or proof of residence (i.e., tax bill, deed, etc.)

Residents with a re-entry placard will use the right, slow lane of Route 72 East when approaching the checkpoint at Marsha Drive. All others must use the left, fast lane. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE PROPER IDENTIFICATION AND DOCUMENTION YOU WILL BE TURNED AWAY.

Only one vehicle per residence will be allowed to enter. NO CHILDREN UNDER 12 ARE PERMITTED TO ENTER THE ISLAND. DO NOT BRING PETS WITH YOU.
Bring garbage bags for perishable food disposal.


If after the Nor’easter passes and the BLVD in North Beach remains clear of sand and is passable, then we are expecting HC to open up later in the week.

This should be the last communication from the HCTA until tomorrow evening. Thank you for your positive comments. Stay safe.


12 Responses to “Nov 4, 2012 : Update 2”
  1. Jane says:

    Do we have access to our homes in Harvey Cedars on Monday, November 5?

  2. Patty Gregory says:

    Just wanted to give a big thank you to all reponsible for keeping us up to the minute – up to date at harvey cedars, amd also a HUGE thanks to all who have worked so hard to make it possible for us to get back tomorrow and check on our homes –

    WAY TO GO !!!!


  3. hctax says:

    yes. please read today’s updates 1 and 2 posted on the site and emailed to our members.

  4. JO VENNEWALD says:


  5. Astrid and Bill Ottey says:

    We have been waiting in the line on 72 to get on the island for about 2 hours now. Just wondering if we should continue to wait as the time not to let anyone else on the island is 12pm. We just don’t know if we should turn back or not. We do have medication that we need that is in the house and in the Harvey Cedars fire station that we need. Thanks so much for all you are doing!!! It is very much appreciated!

  6. Jean Hegedus says:

    I left my home in Mercer County at 7:30 this morning (Monday) and had to turn around and come back. When I reached the intersection of 72 and Route 539 the cars on Route 72 were backed up past the intersection. People were calling into the radio saying they were moving 1 mile/hour on 72 so I knew I would not make it to the bridge before it shut down at noon. Is there any consideration of staging this so people can have access to certain towns on certain days and thus alleviating the volume? Unfortunately there were a number of power trucks sitting in the same traffic, unable to get to thir destination.

  7. hctax says:

    I totally understand, I was there with you! I called the mayor from my car this morning and he was passing this on the Emergency Management team. Sorry 🙁 Susan Lewis

  8. hctax says:

    It is after 8pm and I am just getting to the comments section. I was there as well and understand your frustration. Sorry- hope you were able to get your meds. SL

  9. hctax says:

    thanks- we aim to please. SL

  10. Astrid and Bill Ottey says:

    Thanks so much for replying! Yes in fact we did make it on the island and retrieved our medication! I hope you had some success with your houses as well!. Thanks again.

  11. Susan Giusti says:

    We were under the assumption that only full time residents were allowed to visit the island on monday-is that correct? My friend who has a house in Loveladies called the Long Beach Township police today & they said everyone could have come, the announcement was worded wrong. Do you know when we can expect to be allowed to visit? I know Holgate & No. Beach visiting is friday.
    Thank you for all the updates.

  12. hctax says:

    Sorry you were confused. We said residents. We did not say ‘full time’ residents. This meant homeowners/taxpayers could come on the Island who had proof of ownership (like the re-entry placard or their tax statement, which I mentioned) NOT someone coming down just to view the damage. If you tried to cross the bridge today during ‘open’ hours and had a placard or proof of homeownership, they will not turn you away, states the mayor. SL


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