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March JCTA Meeting Minutes

JCTA of LBI Meeting of 3/7/11


Steve Rabbitt               Barnegat Light                      Bill Kunz               Brant Beach

Charlie Gaver               Harvey Cedars                       Pat Moran             North Beach

Susanne Gilbert           Surf City                                   Dick Jeffries         Surf City

Barbara Lehman         Harvey Cedars                       Jane O’Brien         Barnegat Light

Visitors from the LBI Consolidated Board of Education:

Allyn Kain: President & Surf City Representative

Jennifer Larkin:  Long Beach Township Representative

Terry Deakyne:  Harvey Cedars  Representative

Kristy Raber:  Surf City Representative

Additional party who did not identify herself.

The meeting opened at 7:06PM; V ice President Barbara Lehman presiding.

Pledge of Allegiance followed.

Since we had visitors from the LBI Consolidated Board of Education, the typical meeting format was suspended; and we moved into a question and answer/give and take format.

They requested a copy of our Budget and our Mission Statement.  C. Gaver advised that we did not have a formal budget, but dealt with fiscal matters on an as needed basis; also advised that he had not seen a mission statement.

The discussion then moved to the question of the Board’s forming a citizen’s committee, as had been suggested by the JCTA among others.   The Board has decided to form such a committee; interested residents can call Cathy Sheplin, Board Secretary @ 494-2341 to express their interest in serving on the committee.

Dick Jeffries indicated that he had received some negative comments regarding the consolidation into the Ethel Jacobsen School.  Jane O’Brien’s experience has been just the opposite.

A general discussion of the project, and the challenges and benefits followed including financing challenges, possible timing, establishing operating goals  etc. .A few included:

-The Board decided at the 3/8/11 meeting to proceed with the recommendation.

– The Architect’s bid package is out or will be shortly.

-The possibility of State aid (consolidation).

-The possibility that Federal aid (FEMA or other) might be available.

The primary reason for their attendance was to reach out to the JCTA in hopes that we would support the budget this year – (or at least remain neutral on it).  The JCTA agreed to review it, and to advise our position.  This led to a bit of review of what prompted our push to defeat last year’s budget; and particularly the effect of the contract negotiations last year.

Obviously, we can’t commit to support something wwe haven’t seen, but will keep an open mind.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as submitted.

The Treasurer’s report presented by C. Gaver in Bob’s absence is at $4902.32 including receipt of Loveladies Property Owner’s dues.  Bob will not be running for another term; we will need a replacement.  Please advise Pat Moran if interested.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45PM by motion.

Charlie Gaver

Next Meeting April 4, 2011


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