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JCTA Meeting Minutes/June 2011

JCTA of LBI Meeting of 6/06/11 -personnel changes


Mary Schwartz    Barnegat Light             Bill Kunz           Brant  Beach

Charlie Gaver       Harvey Cedars              Bob Mubar        Loveladies H. O.

Bob Monaco         Loveladies P.O.            Pat Moran        North Beach

Ken Martell           Seaview Beach             Jane O’Brien     Barnegat Light

Burt Nemroff         Loveladies H.O.

Meeting was called to order at 7:06 PM, President Pat Moran presiding.

The Pledge of Allegiance followed. There being a quorum present; the minutes of the last two meetings were presented and approved.

Bob Monaco reported we have a balance of $5002.32 plus $200.00 received but not .yet deposited.  Due to the personnel changes, a motion was presented, seconded and approved to allow the JCTA President as well as the Treasurer to sign checks as required.

The following Taxpayer Association dues have not been received:  Barnegat Light , Beach Haven,  Brant Beach,  Harvey Cedars,  Seaview Beach,  Surf City & LBT-10.

Bill Kunz attended the DEP hosted “Beach Access” public meeting in Long Beach Township.  He guessed it was attended by about 200 people:

Fishermen-don’t restrict us further

Marinas – made a summary presentation of their previous, emphasizing the liabilities a

24/7 access requirement would impose on them (and perhaps other businesses with Bay locations.  It is probable that the DEP will recognize these problems,

provide some exemptions.

Surfriders – made a presentation emphasizing the “No  Access”, and “Private

Property”  signage through North Beach and Loveladies.No recognition

of access provided in other parts of LBT.

Next step is for the DEP to issue their final report, including the rules and regulations, probably in the next several months (no time frame indicated).

Old Business:

LBI Consolidated:   Have hired an architect for the expansion of EJ, as well as a financial advisor for the project.

Expect to have a new Business Administrator by the end of June; a new Superintendent sometime.

Southern Regional:  Little activity of late.

Ken Martell suggested we follow up on Peter Trainor’s letters to the editors, and consider inviting Attorney Vito A. Gagliardi who handled the North Haledon/Manchester Regional District

lawsuit, and who had offered to represent LBI several years ago (for a fee) for a meeting and briefing of the current status and possible strategies that might apply to LBI’s situation.  This was made into a motion, seconded and passed.  President Pat Moran will attempt to make contact.

Due to a number of situations, including room scheduling conflicts, it was decided to cancel the July meeting, and to move the elections to the September 12th Meeting.

Meeting was adjourned by motion at 7:54PM.

Charlie Gaver

NEXT MEETING:  August 1, 2011 ELECTIONS:  September 12, 2011


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