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JCTA Meeting Minutes May 2009

May 5, 2009

A brief report on the JCTA meeting this past Monday. Most of the meeting focused on last month’s school budget vote and the JCTA activities preceeding the vote, and by agreement, continuing even after the vote. The Budget was passed rather handily despite a number of questions. The JCTA is currently getting a breakdown of the votes by district. One suggestion made for next year is to perhaps provide the “Snowbirds” with absentee ballots, since it is felt that many may not bother to vote.
The School Committee did a great job; and their work will continue on a year round basis – not just focusing on budget time.
The education committee provided the Island Mayors with a fairly detailed, series of questions on the proposed budget. This questionaire was “endorsed” by all of the Island Mayors, and forwarded to Supt. Craig Henry for review and a response. I have a copy of the package, and I will bring it to our next meeting
In addition, the idea of Supt. Henry becoming additionally the Supt. of the Stafford Elementary Schools has been strongly opposed by the Mayors, both for its obvious questons, and the potential for it becoming a de facto amalgamation/consolidation and the passing of an additional $20 million tax burden onto the Island.
Long Beach Township is beginning to run into some of the reluctances to sign easements that Harvey Cedars experienced – and some of the same strange reasoning in opposition to signing.



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