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Hurricane Sandy Aftermath-WATCH THIS VIDEO

***Emergency Management Info***

» Photos taken of New Jersey from Philly.com

» Aftermath video of Harvey Cedars shot by ABC’s Chopper 6

Folks, here are two videos of North Beach that were taken from one of the Volunteer Firefighters in Harvey Cedars.

(NOTE: These videos are in flash format and they may not play on iPads and iPhones.)


14 Responses to “Hurricane Sandy Aftermath-WATCH THIS VIDEO”
  1. Sarah Bartholomew Shell says:

    Thanks guys for all you are doing! It looks like it was pretty bad…. my family has a place on 24 maiden lane on the bay – any idea if its still there? thanks!

  2. koconut kate says:

    friends, family, and others on island,

    i am volunteering my help. please call/text/e-mail. even if you’re a stanger. this video breaks my heart, but thank you jay for filming.



  3. Lekha Tull says:

    We are very anxious to know what is going on in Harvey Cedars
    we are at 12 E 75th
    We cant even get back home due to flight cancellation
    any news will be greatly appreciated

  4. Frederick George says:

    Jay….thanks so much for the update….please keep posting videos….very informative…..

  5. Barbara Bulman says:

    Thank you so much for what everyone is doing ….. we have a home on the bay in HC and are anxious to see what the damage is. thank you for pictures…please keep them coming. And, let us know when we can return to the island. Again, Thank you so much.

  6. Martha Hafer says:

    Any footage of Harvey Cedars? Did our new high dunes save us? Did the ocean meet the bay? Any beach front houses lost?

  7. lbiSurfer says:

    There are no dunes left in Harvey Cedars. Thanks for the construction of them because they probably saved all the ocean side houses from much more severe damage.

    See the following photos for Harvey Cedars :



    Twitter’s @dgambacorta and @troyjgraham flew over LBI also, posting these photos of Harvey Cedars :


  8. Patty Gregory says:

    Thanks so much to all for all your attempts at keeping us informed, I also have a home on E 75th, would love to know how that street made out

  9. jim felmey says:

    I am a member of lbi fishing club just woundering how we faird love to see pics of the club please send thank you my heart belongs to jn

  10. hctax says:

    We do not believe any homes were a total loss. The new dune line definitely helped HC- much less damage than in towns without.

  11. hctax says:

    Another blast email has been sent out to HCTA members this morning. Please check out our website. The email blasts are posted their as well.

  12. hctax says:


  13. Susan Kramer says:

    I have been getting much information about the island on Facebook, from Jay Zimmerman, Kirk Lutz, Stacy Bernstein and many others who are trying hard to share information. Harvey Cedars doesn’t have internet so it’s been difficult for them to update us, but whatever any of us hear, we should share. What little TV I have been able to see, it seems they just want to make sure we know what a damaged boat looks like when we really just want to see our houses and beaches.

    Sarah Bartholomew Shell: I am almost positive your home on Maiden Lane is in good shape!

  14. Sarah Bartholomew Shell says:

    Sue – thanks so much! I know my mom (Liz Bartholomew) will be glad to hear that….we all love HC — I started coming here the year I was born and have never missed a summer in 43 years!

    Jay and others – thanks for all you are doing – we all appreciate it!!!


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