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Hurricane Sandy Aftermath Photos


6 Responses to “Hurricane Sandy Aftermath Photos”
  1. Karen says:

    Thank you for the update, we have all been anxious to find out how our home, and our beloved town of Harvey cedars fared. I live on east cape may ave and just wondered what kind of photos you’ve found. I am Not sure of the condition of our house (#3 second off the boulevard across from fishing club) but if they are ours I would love to retrieve them. I pray our house looked ok, if you remember please drop me note, it could ease a bit of the stress!!
    Thank you for the hard work you are doing to help others and our beloved town.

  2. Irene Giordano says:

    Thanks for all your info. I’m on Cedars Ave in HC. Sitting in north jersey soaking up ever bit of news I can find. Hoping to get on island soon to clean up.

  3. jenifer parks says:

    Thank you for the update. It is really appreciated to get any information about Harvey Cedars.
    We hope to get on the island soon, and thank you all for all you help.

  4. Ann Pollack says:

    Thank you Jay and all the other volunteers for your incredible efforts, and for the helpful photos and inputs. We really appreciate both!

  5. Shelly Horowitz says:

    Awesome information. Thank you for helping us stay connected to our home and community. Google has a wonderful crisis map of our ocean properties:
    You have to navigate the menu at the right – unclick what you do not want and then click post Sandy imagery and Spring Lake to Harvey Cedars. You have to keep zooming in and readjusting the map.
    Thank you all again.

  6. Jami Harting Wolfington says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Each and every one of you for staying and responding.
    God Bless you and LBI and my love Harvey Cedars.


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