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HCPD Winter House Check Program

A quick reminder to all HCTA members and residents that the Harvey Cedars Police Department offers a Winter House Check Program during the off-season. The Officers will check your property on a weekly basis to ensure that the registered homes and/or businesses are secure and have no unusual issues occurring. The property owner needs to either fill out the one-page Winter House Check Program Form online or at the Harvey Cedars Police Station. This program is FREE and will also provide HCPD with the most current contact information for property owners.


2 Responses to “HCPD Winter House Check Program”
  1. Jill stumpf says:

    I would like to sign up for house check for our house in Harvey cedars. I do not know how.

  2. HCTA says:

    You can sign up for the house check program on the Harvey Cedars Police website. A direct link to the form is listed below.



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