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Harvey Cedars Tax Payers Association – Annual Meeting!

Dear Harvey Cedars Taxpayer,

It’s been a busy year to say the least. Please join the HARVEY CEDARS TAXPAYER ASSOCIATION Board of Trustees for our Annual Meeting on Saturday, August 31st at the Harvey Cedars Firehouse on 80th Street. Doors open at 9:20am, the meeting will begin at 10:00am.

The past year’s efforts will be presented along with the challenges that are before us. Items we’ll be covering include Superstorm Sandy Outreach & Recovery, Beach Replenishment, Property Taxes & School Taxes, Boulevard Safety, HCTA community participation and much more.

At the conclusion of the business portion of the meeting, we will hold a moderated Q&A period with HC Mayor Jonathan Oldham.

Please bring your $25.00 annual dues (cash or check) if you have not already mailed it in. Checks may be made payable to HCTA. Once you have paid dues and verified that we have your current contact information, you will gain admittance to the meeting room. If you’re already an HCTA Member, we thank you for continuing to support HCTA; keep an eye out for your “ticket” email to come through shortly.

Of special note, at this year’s meeting we will also have “Make Harvey Cedars Safer” t-shirts available for sale (while supplies last).

Your generous support ensures we are able to continue our work. We look forward to seeing you at the Firehouse on Saturday the 31st!


The HCTA Board of Trustees


2 Responses to “Harvey Cedars Tax Payers Association – Annual Meeting!”
  1. Jane and Greg Wuerstle says:

    Any plans to get a plan in place for dogs on the beach? Why not offer dog beach badges for a fee that are good before 7 a.m and after 7 P.M. Owners who violate not having their dogs on leash unless in the water or not cleaning up after their dogs lose their badges. Dogs are going on the beach anyway, so why not get some revenue and have an acceptable way to have people and dogs enjoy our beaches in a responsible way.

  2. suellen riffkin says:

    I agree that people would pay for a dog beach badge. I would pay $100 or so – the cost of a ticket! It could actually be a dog beach collar-very visible. Allowing dogs would increase my rentals during the months I can’t afford to be at the beach myself – it would be unique to Harvey Cedars that we allowed dogs on the beach. I got a September rental specifically because enforcement ends September 15.

    There are too many cooped up dogs that are barking non-stop. They need exercise. Also, the neighborhood benefit of people out socializing on the beach with the dogs is sadly lacking. I know dog owners that DRIVE to another town every day to exercise their dog.


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