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Harvey Cedars, NJ Property Assessment Appeal Primer

After many months of work and numerous consultations with Harvey Cedars’ tax assessor Bernie Haney, the HCTA is ready to announce the roll out the “Harvey Cedars, NJ Property Assessment Appeal Primer.

If you’re thinking about going to see THE TAX MAN, it’s important to know the ‘ins and outs’ of appealing your property tax assessment. This guide has been put together to walk you thru the process and give you information we hope is helpful to you in deciding how you want to proceed.

It’s important to note the HCTA is offering an explanation of the process and illustrative examples. However, this document is not intended to provide or offer legal advice or take any position with the appropriateness of any particular assessment.

Thank you to Trustees Bob Danna, Mike Songer and Kathy Ries for sharing your research and writing skills, legal knowledge and formatting expertise!

Download the Harvey Cedars, NJ Property Assessment Appeal Primer


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