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*NEW* Harvey Cedars Aftermath Drive-By VIDEOS

This is video footage filmed on Saturday by Phil Kunz (President of the HCTA) that covers almost all of the streets in Harvey Cedars. He started at the North end of town since there was still clearing being done in the South and eventually he ran out of time and video memory on his camera. Generally they are in sequence north to south. The streets (North of Essex) were in great shape (also due to limited time he was not able to cover many of the beach front homes). People that may not be able to get to the island today might be able to catch a glimpse of their house here. NOTE: The videos may be a bit shaky since he was riding a bike.

Harvey Cedars #1

Harvey Cedars #2

Harvey Cedars #3

Harvey Cedars #4

Harvey Cedars #5


4 Responses to “*NEW* Harvey Cedars Aftermath Drive-By VIDEOS”
  1. Jo Surpin says:

    Thanks for keeping us up to date – and thanks to Phil for the videos. He has given me a little peace of mind that our house and my business property (Black Eyed Susan’s) are still standing. Great job!

  2. Bruce Berger says:

    Thank you for the wonderful video. Thanks to John and our fabulous HC government and volunteers our town avoided a disaster. We will come back better and stronger

  3. Larry Butler says:


    Though you didn’t make it up East 86th (as far as I could tell), or Passaic Ave. (as far as I could tell) I nonetheless very much appreciate the tour of HC. It made me feel a little less apprehensive about my properties and about the overall state of our little town. God willing this initial phase of “go-away-until-we-tell-you-otherwise” will pass quickly and we’ll all be able to get back to the business of restoring our lives on LBI. Be well.

  4. Sue Gordon says:

    Thanks for taking the time of documenting HC post Sandy. We have been wanting to come down and see our house on West Lee, but haven’t been able to. We have some peace knowing our home is still standing.




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