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February Board Minutes

Harvey Cedars Taxpayers Association

Board of Trustees Meeting

2/18/11             Lewis Home, 7:30pm

Present: Kathleen Ries, Susan Lewis, Bryan Lewis, Phil Kunz, Saul Ellman, Barbara Lehman, Charlie Gaver, John Cadmus, John Imperiale.

Not present:  Michael Pasnick, Barbara Frank, Jim Loudon.

HC Volunteer Fire Company:

HC’s new Fire truck is coming from South Dakota; arriving mid-March.

HC Boro:

Working on handicapped ramp at Mercer.

HC Boro budget “workshop” 2/23/11; Phil  to attend for HCTA.


New Class 2 officer hired from Beach Haven.

Beach Replenishment:

HC completed all paperwork for maintenance permit to keep dunes at 22’.  Trying to change rules for HC only. The paperwork for this has now been completed & submitted to DEP.

Beach Badges:

There is a shortfall w/ lifeguard & beach workers, as always; alignment w/ LBT & BH (likely $5, seasonal add-on).  Surf City & Barnegat Light are not in agreement.   Ship Bottom not mentioned by Mayor Jon Oldham in this discussion.  Typically, taxpayers buy seasonal badges; weekly & dailies usually purchased by visitors, the feeling seems to be that they should endure the higher-priced badges.  HCTA is of the opinion that there’s no big benefit to promoting reciprocity for HC; passive reciprocity will promote a pleasant vacation experience.

Town-wide Yard Sale:

Jon Oldham approved the plan (verbally) Yard Sale plans for Memorial Day weekend -Saturday.  Need to follow up w/ Boro in writing.


We have new listing of residents & businesses.  It will be $1,000 to do the Membership mailing.  Discussed the idea of offering businesses the opportunity to stuff the mailer & support the organization.  Generally approved.

Treasurer’s Report:

Handed out at the meeting.


Charlie: The Board is restructuring report… refused to release report ‘til mtg.  General recommendation to close SB, expand EJ ($9 million).  Have not addressed staffing & other issues; history shows that if these issues are never dealt with the change will never happen.  4% increases every year, avg teacher salary here $75k.


County Meeting re: Blvd. moved to 3/2; HCTA is not invited

Mayor Jon O.ldham wants meeting w/ HCTA board members after that.

Sandpaper article re: lights appeared.  Mayor Oldham talked about misconception.

Mayor Mancini was supposed to be getting a meeting together w/ Barnegat Light & one or both Loveladies organizations.  Mancini reported to not  want the mtg. Doubt Jon O‘s actually pushed for the mtg.  Ocean County Commissioner Jack Kelly called for a meeting w/ Mancini, Jon O. & Barnegat Light Mayor Kirk Larson.  Jon O. says he met w/ Mancini, Frank Scarantino-OC Engineer- and that Mancini’s comment was “I can understand why you want this”.  Larson’s concerns supposedly are about travel time to get to Barnegat Light.  Larson & Mancini, evidently, aren’t communicating w/ their taxpayers.

Action items:

1.) Bryan to address Mancini issue in a letter to the editor to convince folks north of us:

o      There will be change one way to the other, the alternative (Larson argument) is worse than the proposed.

o      Fallacy of Larson argument

o      Transit time will be worse

2.) Susan to double check current website content.

o      Get the software available to produce a video to post on our website (Phil)

o      Draw attention to article online

o      Want to support the safety?  Join.

Traffic light scenario:

o      Target people in Barnegat Light – to make them award this could happen.

o      Make three flashers fully functional and delay traffic by even more time-won’t help pedestrians on shoulders, but could slow cars for those crossing.

o      Every week a letter from a different person to the Sandpaper: FACTUAL STUFF… “Good Old Boy Network putting public safety at risk.”

o      JD. (member) may be interested in staging a protest, HCTA will be aware but not endorse: One mile walk… 3-abreast, every Saturday in season.

o      Charlie recommends letter from HCTA to JCTA as well (next JCTA mtg 3/7/11)

Next trustee meeting: 4/1, 8pm at home of John Cadmus


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